Camsan Parkelam Laminate Flooring

Çamsan Parkelam the story of Turkey’s first laminate flooring, is based on the establishment in the manufacturer of MDF and MDFLAM Çamsan Integrated 1978.

Çamsan Parkelam is established under the roof of Çamsan Entegre, which has expanded its field of activity by increasing its foreign trade volume over the years. Founded in 1998, Çamsan Parkelam derives its strength from the experience and innovative perspective of Çamsan Entegre, which has been the leader in its sector for many years. It develops with this vision and starts to serve production and national economy.

In our production facilities where we use innovative technologies, we produce special collections of parquet in numerous colors and patterns. Our Parker; PVC, PCB, Dioxin and similar environmentally harmful substances. We use E1 glue in HDF productions used in parquet manufacturing. Our products; hygienic, useful, easy to clean, resistant to pressure, scratches, impacts, ultraviolet rays and household chemicals.

As Çamsan Parkelam, one of our main principles in production is to offer the best price-benefit combination to our customers. In this context, we also show the importance we attach to production to our production preparation stages. We design our parquets so that you can safely use them both at home and at work.