Serpent Dining Set

26,093.00 AED

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The organic shapes provided by the handmade braiding with synthetic fiber rope woven sinuously on the aluminum structure make this collection a perfect option for any space. The elegantly designed with simple lines, Serpent Dining Set by Skyline creates an understated sense of sophistication in any outdoor living and dining scheme.

The comfortable seats and the round table makes the gathering cozy and relaxing, it is your dining set if you are thinking of a comfy, elegant and modern dining set.

Weaving: Anthracite Polyrope 30 mm.

Coating: Aluminium Carbon Matte Teak.

Dimensions of the armchair:
Length : 72 cm
Width : 79 cm
Height : 77 cm

Dimensions of the round table:
Length : 220 cm
Width : 100 cm
Height : 76 cm


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